Senior Lecturers

Claire WigginsClaire Wiggins
HPD DSFH Clinical Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist

I am a fully qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. I trained with The Clifton Practice Bristol, a recognised Centre of Excellence for hypnotherapy in the UK and hold the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD), which is considered to be the gold standard in hypnotherapy training in the UK. I am constantly updating my skills and knowledge through ongoing professional development courses at CPHT and elsewhere. I am currently studying for the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma (AHD) with CPHT Bristol and am proud to be part of the team bringing the CPHT HPD to North Wales & Borders in January 2016.

I am originally from Liverpool and hold a BA Hons. in Applied Linguistics from University of Wales, Bangor, where I spent time researching the cognitive aspects of mirroring in human communication. I am a trained and experienced complementary therapist, specialising in Energy Healing and Reiki, both of which I teach. I also run regular classes in personal development and awareness.

Qualifying as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist has greatly enhanced my skills and my understanding of how the brain works, how we can suffer in the way we do, and what hypnotherapy can do to help. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is constantly being updated according to the latest research in neuroscience and my Continuing Professional Development reflects this to the benefit of my clients.

I live in beautiful North/Mid Wales UK. My complementary therapy practice covers North West Wales: Anglesey, Bangor, Caernarfon, Porthmadog, Llandudno, Conway, Colwyn Bay, Abergele and surrounding areas and North Mid Wales: Aberystwyth, Harlech, Barmouth, Dolgellau, Bala and Machynlleth.

Alan Wick senior Lecturer CPHTAlan Wick

Alan lives in Wrexham with his family. He was a Registered General Nurse originally, and has practiced in a wide variety of areas. In the nineties Alan was originally employed as a Senior Charge Nurse by an organisation called Takare Homes Ltd which had opened many large modular care homes in the North West. Alan says… “I loved the ethos of Takare and it’s founding Directors which was, in essence, to pay the best wages, choose the best staff and inevitably, as a result, provide the best care….and having worked in several other local care homes I was in no doubt that they were succeeding. I was proud to work for them.”

Sadly, Takare Homes attracted the usual acquisitive interest, and eventually sold and resold three times before finally being acquired by BUPA Homes…. “Throughout that period I saw what I believed to be the ongoing dilution of that original quality ethos, and in 1998, after a considerable spell deputising for a period of illness for my then Manager, I realised that I no longer wished to work for or be promoted within that organisation”.

This realisation heralded an unsettled period for Alan, he left BUPA and worked for a Nursing Agency while taking courses and considering which route to take. One course, which was a certificate in remedial massage, involved producing a business plan which Alan had never done before. Alan adapted the business plan to the idea of working as an independent Nurse and it was a short step from there to employing people and Amber Nursing Services Ltd, a nursing and care agency, was formed, in partnership with another local Registered Nurse.

“We were in the right place at the right time and were very successful. We employed that original Takare ethos of ‘pay the best, get the best’, and we found as a result that the clients who employed our staff were usually the best too”. Amber Nursing Services traded for eight years, eventually, and upsettingly, going into liquidation, unable to adapt to the huge influx of eastern block staff who took advantage of the relatively good working/pay conditions in British care homes, not least in the positions that used to be filled with our agency staff…. “I have never resented and will never resent their actions….they are looking for the best life possible for their families, which is something British Nurses have done in Saudi, Australia and the USA since I’ve been one. It was simply time to adapt”.

Alan knew above all that he wanted to return to self employment as quickly as possible, and one day Alan’s wife saw a small article summarizing the skill requirements of a Hypnotherapist, in the Guardian careers pages. She plonked it onto the breakfast table in front of Alan and said “that’s you”.

Given what’s happened since you could be forgiven for thinking that that was the stroke of luck, but bigger still was the stroke of luck Alan had when, after great deliberation between a relatively local accredited school of Hypnotherapy, or travelling to Bristol to CPHT, there was something that drew him to the 350 mile round journey to and from Bristol….. “David’s (Newton) determined emphasis on ‘seeing people’, or practical hands on experience right from the start, was the making of me, and with a solely theoretical base I really don’t think I would have established.”

It’s eight years since Alan graduated and he is now also the course leader for CPHT Manchester. He believes he now has the freedom to employ that old Takare ethos of providing the best in his day to day practice, and in class with the Manchester students, and even his experience in Nursing could not have prepared him for the gratitude that he often experiences from his clients, as do nearly all Solution Focused Hypnotherapists.

“I believe that CPHT is setting the standard for the rest to follow when it comes to preparing people for practice, and in producing effective Hypnotherapists, and the ongoing spread of satellite schools will help to consolidate Solution Focused Hypnotherapy on a national basis… it is with no desire to ingratiate myself, and entirely without exaggeration, that I state my belief that Hypnotherapists of the future will look on David Newton as the natural successor to Milton Erickson, bringing Milton’s playful style into the 21st century by marrying it to the rapidly developing knowledge base we discover in modern neuroscience.”

Alan is proud to work within the CPHT organisation, and would be happy to help you to discover what’s so special about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.