Hypnotherapists Graduate in Conwy

Seven Solution Focused Hypnotherapists have graduated after 10 months of hard work and lots of laughter on their HPD course with CPHT North Wales & Borders in Conwy.  Pictured here, after receiving their Diplomas from tutor Claire Wiggins, are Juliana Sims, Alun Brogden, Humphrey Lewis, Amanda Stokes-Farrell, Gaynor Cooper, Sian Hughes and Louise Griffith.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has evolved from the core tenets of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). It utilises key Solution Focused techniques to help people move forward positively in their lives, without the need to analyse problems of the past. Solution Focused Hypnotherapists encourage clients to identify what is currently working well, drawing on the client’s inner resources to achieve their preferred future.  This powerful, positively oriented approach enables clients to develop their own solutions and identify real, tangible steps they can take towards a successful outcome.

This Solution Focused work is enhanced with the use of hypnosis, incorporating relaxation and guided visualisation.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, like most Hypnotherapy modalities, can help with many conditions that are caused by, or made worse by, anxiety, including Panic Attacks, minor Skin Conditions and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  It can help with Confidence, Self Esteem and minor Phobias. It can also help (if necessary in conjunction with medication), in the treatment of Depression.

A modern, well-researched approach, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy draws on the latest findings in neuroscience and brain-based therapies, utilising the brain’s plasticity to create more helpful patterns of behaviour.

It is attractive from a therapist’s perspective, since it deals with moving clients forward, and encouraging problem-free talk. There is never any analysis of problems of the past, and many clients find this refreshing and encouraging. Indeed, it’s not unusual for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists themselves to report feeling more energised and uplifted at the end of the working day than they were at the beginning.  A pretty good side-effect of helping people.

If you are interested in becoming a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist too, CPHT has schools throughout the UK from Belfast and Edinburgh to London and Portsmouth. You can find a school near you here.

If you are already a qualified hypnotherapist, CPHT now offers a conversion course. You can find out more here

CPHT North Wales and Borders will be running their next HPD course in 2017. Contact Claire on 07838 469174 or email info@cphtnorthwales.co.uk